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Ramadan Nights from Jerusalem is a broad collaborative effort to offer diverse opportunities to experience the Muslim month of Ramadan, bringing together Jerusalem's great cultural institutions, religious bodies, grassroots initiatives and community organizations. We invite you to appreciate treasures of Islamic culture; hear the sounds of Qur'an recitation and prayer; learn from leading scholars and cultural innovators; engage in intimate conversations in our neighbors' homes; enjoy musical performances; participate in culinary workshops and programs for children; and more.

We share a vision that celebrating Muslim culture and marking the central month of Ramadan enriches us all individually and collectively.

The goal of Ramadan Nights is to expand awareness about Muslim culture in general and Ramadan in particular. This year, under the shadow of the Coronavirus, we hope that the website also provides meaningful programs for those unable to participate in Ramadan's traditional prayers, family gatherings and public events.

In future years, we aim to expand the coalition of partners, leading to a citywide cultural festival and a month-long communal observance of these sacred days and nights.  Once we build this model, we hope other cities throughout Israel will follow suit with the ultimate goal of incorporating Ramadan into our shared calendar and collective consciousness.

We wish to thank our supporters, especially for encouraging us to adapt the original model of Ramadan Nights to a virtual way of experiencing, learning and encountering.

The Nathan Cummings Foundation
Anne Germanacos
Sally Gottesman
Diana Lipton
The Alan B. Slifka Foundation

Participating institutions and organizations to date include:

We welcome the participation of additional institutions, groups, and organizations. If you would like to share your event and/or have any questions or comments, please contact us at ramadanjlmnights@gmail.com.